Rensource based in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, is on a mission to transform Nigeria into the first country predominantly reliant on distributed renewables based power generation.

Grid supplied power consumption in Nigeria is 149kWh per capita.

The equivalent of keeping one dim lightbulb switched on for a few hours per day.

Distributed generation of the wrong variety

The noise and fumes of dirty, expensive generators are an unfortunate constant of daily life for Nigerians – consumers and business alike.

of sub-Saharan energy self-generation capacity is in Nigeria

provided by

fossil fuel generators in Nigeria


Tons of Carbon Dioxide annually

contributing significantly to

What Rensource is doing

Technological development and lower cost of solar-hybrid systems means that polluting, fossil-fuel based generators can be either replaced outright or relegated to their original use a back-up while powering homes and businesses with solar based solutions.

Rensource is leading this charge in Nigeria.

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