Let’s Talk Membership.

Membership in Rensource comes in different shapes and sizes. See below to see where you might fit best. If none of the below seems appropriate, contact us to discuss if something can be customised for your needs.

Who's similar to you?

I am a bit like
The Abdullahi's
The Ogunbiyi’s
Membership Tier Go Eco Duplo Pro
I live in a 2 room flat by myself A bungalow with my young family A Duplex with my young family A 4-5 room home with my family
I need power to A TV, a couple of fans, a few lights, phone charging, and laptop charging (optional) A home entertainment system, fans, lights, a mid-size fridge for most of the day, and my family's phones and laptops A home entertainment system, fans and lights in every room, a fridge, additional televisions, my family's phones and laptops, a water pump, microwave, and water heater Everything the Abdulahhi's power and some air-conditioning
My current generator is around 1kVa 2-4kVa 4-10 kVA >10kVA
Availability Get started Join waiting list Join waiting list Join waiting list
Rooftop access required? Yes, we use solar panel to generate electricity. Our panels need to be mounted on your roof with direct access to sunlight.
Anything else Yes, there’s a deposit but you’ll get it back.

Privileges enjoyed by members in each tier:

Installation and Commissioning

We take care of delivery, installation, and commissioning of the system associated with your subscribed membership tier

Moving House Service

Worried you might have to switch homes during your membership term? We’ll happily decommission your system and re-install it at your new home at no additional cost to you.

Exclusive community benefits

Members get discounts from select retailers, insurance providers, as well as early invitation to exclusive events

Free, no-questions-asked cancellation

Not happy with your membership? You can leave any time.

The small print
How long are the contracts?

Rensource membership is based on a 24-month contract that renews automatically unless cancelled by you or us.

Is the monthly price fixed, no matter how much power I need or use?

Yes. You'll get the power described in your plan's Power Promise at the same fixed price every month. If you don't use it all, it is still the same price – we know that there are better things in life than counting kilowatts.

What's the deal with the Membership Deposit?

Your deposit is refundable at the end of your 24 month membership cycle.


You might be part of a group that can sponsor your membership:

Your company may be a Rensource client and offer Rensource Membership to you as an employment benefit.


Your co-operative may be a Rensource client and offer Rensource Membership to you as a group benefit.

Join the club

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