Built with longevity, functionality, and the aspirational Nigerian consumer in mind, Rensource solutions combine the latest innovations in solar optimized battery technology, power electronics, with a delightful user interface. This is all wrapped within a design aesthetic that every user can be proud of.

Solar Home Energy Systems

Our systems combine everything you need to power your home or office into a beautiful enclosure that can hang on your wall. You enjoy UPS like power using the combination of a hybrid inverter, charge controller and scalable battery capacity. Your system can charge itself from solar panels or PHCN and switches seamlessly between them without any input from. You can even prioritize which appliances to power first.

Design & Functionality

Well designed Box

Sleek low profile that can be wall or floor mounted includes batteries and power electronics all in one small enclosure

Lithium based Battery

Long lasting storage solutions suited for frequent and quick charge, discharge cycles

Integrated DC outputs

Take advantage of efficient DC appliances with integrated 12v and 24v DC outputs

Intelligent. Connected.

Our systems are “connected” in a manner to generate real-time data and insights, which allow us to continuously improve our customer’s experience. This same connectivity also provides the user with unprecedented awareness of how and when they use energy, from our systems or PHCN.

Data Rich

Stream of data from power electronics, batteries, and appliance usage provides insight to customers and our technical support team in order to continuously deliver an optimal user experience.

Monitor usage

Compare how much power you’re generating from solar vs PHCN. Option to see which appliances are the most power hungry.

Energy Efficiency

Solar-hybrid systems generate and store a finite amount of energy. To make the most of that energy, Rensource makes it easy to employ effective energy efficiency techniques. This includes intelligent load management - scheduling the use of certain appliances to align them with when you’re getting the cheapest energy from the sun.

Energy efficiency is engrained in the DNA of the Rensource service offering.

Story of the Giwa's

Look at the Giwa's.

They are a family with one child and a baby on the way. They live in a Duplex condo right in the heart of Lekki Phase 1. The recent hikes in price of fuel had them questioning how much longer they could continue to keep their generator on. They weren’t sure what to do when the baby arrived.

They recently signed up for a DUPLO membership to carry all of their basic loads including lights and fans but also the occasional use of additional appliances like their microwave, iron, and water pump.

The Giwa's are resourceful.

Be like the Giwa's.

Story of the Abdullahi's

Look at the Abdullahi’s.

They live in a Bungalow in Surulere with their two school aged children. They were used to putting on their generator as soon as the children arrived from school until they all went to sleep. Sometimes in the hot season, they would keep it on through the night to keep the fans and fridge running.

A few months ago, their younger daughter was diagnosed with Asthma. Since then, Mrs. Abdullahi was more sensitive to what might have caused the ailment and ways to avoid aggravating her daughter. This heightened sensitivity to generator fumes meant that the family needed to replace their generator with a better option.

The Abdullahi’s recently signed up to the ECO membership tier. They were impressed that they could carry all of their lighting, fans, televisions, and a refrigerator, turning their generator back to its original intended use as a backup.

The Abdullahi’s are careful.

Be like the Abdullahi’s.

Story of Uzoma

Look at Uzoma.

She finished youth service a few months ago and found her dream job as a software developer for a tech company nearby her new two-room flat in Yaba.

She often finds herself working late into the night on her various coding projects. Not wanting to keep her new neighbours up with the noise of a small generator in the flat, Uzoma recently subscribed to the GO tier of membership. She found that the included TV, fans, and lights, as well as the ability to keep her laptop charged, were perfect for her current state of affairs. She took comfort that she could always upgrade her plan if her circumstances changed.

Uzoma is considerate.

Be like Uzoma.

Story of Mrs. Okoya

Look at Mrs. Okoya.

She has two small shops on the mainland where she sells textiles and shoes. Despite paying her monthly service charge for a communal generator, there was almost never any power.

This had left her unable to brighten the shop or even use the inventory management software on the laptop she owned.

Since last month, she has been a subscriber to the Go membership tier. Upon paying her deposit, a team came to her shop and installed the system along with fans and lights for her entire store. She even had them add an extra phone charging port.

Mrs. Okoya is prudent.

Be like Mrs. Okoya.

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