Rensource Energy Announces 1.4 MW of New Projects for 2023

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Rensource Energy Announces 1.4 MW of New Projects for 2023

Rensource Energy, a leading African solar power developer for the commercial and industrial sector (C&I), today announced the signing of an additional 1.4 MW worth of projects in Nigeria to be constructed in early 2023. These projects will bring Rensource’s project portfolio to 14.6 MW under construction and 70 MW in the pipeline.

The new projects range in size from 300 kWp to 700 kWp, include storage capacity, and reflect a strong demand for sustainable, affordable, and reliable power in Nigeria going into 2023. Rensource’s ability to deliver innovative systems tailored to customer needs is reflected in the diversity of clients these installations will serve, ranging from pharmaceuticals to hospitality and agriculture.

As interest rates continue to rise in Nigeria, fuel costs soar, and electricity access slowly expands, the C&I sector will continue to seek affordable state-of-the-art power solutions to meet their needs. Rensource is the service provider of choice across Nigeria’s key growth sectors, given its superior ability to design, fund, and execute solar projects of all sizes.

Prince Ojeabulu, CEO of Rensource, commented, “2023 will be a big year for Rensource, and we are thrilled to start the year strongly with 1.4 MW worth of new projects signed. Moreover, our team has proven that it can adapt to the needs of any customer, be it a large pharmaceutical processing facility or a popular tourist hotel. We look forward to working with our industry-leading construction partners to execute these projects in record time.”

About Rensource

Rensource is a leading C&I solar power provider in Africa with 5MWp of solar capacity and 2.1MWh of storage capacity delivered to date and another 14.6 MW of projects under construction, and more than 70 MW in the pipeline. Rensource currently designs, funds, and delivers solar solutions to diverse C&I clients in the manufacturing, agriculture, education, and real estate sectors. The company’s solutions offer affordable and reliable clean energy to clients, making it a superior choice for MSMEs looking to reduce their cost of electricity.

Rensource is backed by leading investors, including Persistent Energy, Omidyar Network, EDP Holding,
Proparco, Inspired Evolution, Amaya capital, Investisseurs & Partenaires

Reference: Rensource Energy Announces 1.4 MW of New Projects in Nigeria

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