How Rensource Leverages IT and Strategy to Develop Solar in Africa

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How Rensource Leverages IT and Strategy to Develop Solar in Africa

By Paulo Silva Vieira

Africa, specifically Nigeria, presents a significant opportunity for distributed generation (DG) solar projects to address the energy needs of the continent. With over 90 million people lacking access to reliable electricity, DG solar projects offer a cost-effective and reliable option to bridge this gap. However, for DG solar projects to be successful in Nigeria, a variety of factors must be considered, including strategy, IT tools, financing capacity, regulations, and policies.

The adoption of DG Solar in Africa will require the collaboration of governments, businesses, and international organizations to create the necessary infrastructure and support systems. Africa has seen significant growth in installed solar capacity in recent years, with Nigeria’s installed solar capacity increasing from approximately 350 MW in 2016 to over 1.2 GW in 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate of over 30% per year. With Nigeria’s population expected to reach over 276 million by 2030, the country needs to anticipate and plan for the growing demand for electricity over the next 10 years. Rensource Energy is addressing this demand by delivering financially and technically advanced solar solutions for commercial and industries. 

When considering a DG solar project in Africa, a clear and well-developed strategy is crucial to define the company’s vision and goals, identify target markets, develop a competitive advantage, allocate resources effectively, and manage risks. Engaging with the local community is also important to ensure the project benefits the local community and creates a positive impact.

Rensource’s strategy is focused on the Nigeria energy transition plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, and aims to achieve this by providing decentralized solar for Commercial and Industrial businesses as this market presents itself with enormous potential. We design our internal workflows with a view to continuously improve and make changes where necessary, ensuring a great level of viability, which in turn helps us deliver the best services to our customers. As such, we are a team that daily seeks to innovate and be efficient to ensure the actualization of this transition plan. Rensource engages with the local community by empowering them to use and own solar, as well as fostering more women to become engineers, thereby bridging the energy gap in Nigeria.

Rensource Energy has successfully used IT tools and data to improve the efficiency of operations, enable better communication and collaboration among employees, improve customers experience, thereby providing a relevant advantage compared to other competitors. IT can also provide tools for collecting, storing, and analyzing data about a solar company’s operations, automating various processes within a solar company, and providing platforms for employees to collaborate and communicate with each other, facilitating continuous improvement.

What sets Rensource apart from its competition is how we use IT tools and data such as:1) Data and analytics: we use tools to collect, store, and analyze data which helps us identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement, as well as make informed decisions about how to optimize our operations;
2) Automation: we automate various processes, such as site evaluation, sales, customer service, and operation and maintenance (“O&M”). This improves efficiency, reduces errors, and frees up time for our employees to focus on more important tasks;
3) Collaboration: we provide platforms for employees to collaborate and communicate, which facilitates continuous improvement, employee efficiency, innovation, and increased success.

In conclusion, IT maturity provides tools and platforms that enable solar companies like Rensource Energy to better understand their operations, identify areas for improvement, and implement changes to ensure the best time-to-market and effectiveness. As Africa continues to address its energy needs, DG solar projects will play a significant role in building a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

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