About Rensource Energy

Powering Africa’s C&I Sector with Clean Energy

Rensource is a leading West African provider of renewable energy-related services, it specializes in the development and financing of solar-hybrid captive power provision which provides commercial, industrial, and utility customers, solutions that bridge the gap between desired and available power. Rensource deploys any combination of solar power and fossil-fired power, primarily gas and diesel but also including natural gas with appropriate battery storage solutions.


Deliver best-in-class clean energy solution to accelerate energy transition and the productivity growth of commercial & industrial clients.

Why Choose Us

Rensource has proven itself with a track record of reliability
and consistency in the region.

Energy cost savings

The nature of our solutions guarantee a significant reduction in energy costs, especially as they relate to alternatives and fossil-fuel methods.

Payment Flexibility

Our customers have the option of choosing between a fixed or variable price or per kWh tariff to match their needs. In both cases we eliminate budget and forecasting uncertainties.

24/7 Technical Support

Remote and on-site operations and maintenance teams readily available to provide support.

Our Partners