Off-grid solution: PV (+ batteries)

Provides solar power from a Photovoltaics (PV) system. The battery is charged with excess PV power generated and supplies load when PV power supply is low or unavailable (e.g. outside peak sun hours or cloudy days).

On-grid solution: Solar PV Hybrid (+ diesel/gas)

PV diesel hybrid systems are power systems that combine solar power from a photovoltaic system with power from diesel generators. In a PV diesel hybrid system, the load demand at every point in time is met by the power generated from the PV system and also the diesel genset.

On-grid solution: Solar PV (+ batteries + diesel/gas)

This system provides power primarily using Solar PV source and battery support before making use of other power sources like grid or gen when not available.

The BESS collects excess energy from the solar PV and stores it using battery storage technology and acts as a support when PV power supply is low or out (e.g. outside peak sun hours or cloudy days).

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